Hot water cylinders are found in most homes across the UK.  Hot water cylinders are most commonly used to ensure you have copious amounts of hot water available on demand for baths, showers, basin and sink use.  The hot water cylinder most suitable for your home will depend largely on how much water you use throughout the course of the day and the type of boiler you have.  There are two main types of cylinders – Unvented Cylinders and Open Vented Cylinders.  Below are the different types of cylinders available.

Unvented Cylinders – Suitable for use with system boilers.

Open Vented Cylinders – Suitable for use with regular heat only boilers.

Direct Cylinders – These are heated by an internal element, usually an immersion heater.

Indirect Cylinders – These are heated via an external heat source, such as a boiler or solar panels.

Solar Cylinders – A mixture of water and Glycol liquid is pumped through pipework and back to cylinder and heat is stored.